MGC is a marketing and business development consultancy organization providing tactical recommendations and operational support to SMEs in order to win more businesses. We work with clients all over Nigeria, providing valuable strategic ideas, concepts and models that eventually guarantee increase in sales and better functioning methods for their operations.

Our skilled experience in the marketing field can cater for all selling needs and an all-round development of the client’s organization.
According to a research carried out by Paul Carroll and Chunka Mui in Billion Dollar Lessons on 750 business collapses between 1981-2006 the single most important cause of failure was a misguided strategy and 46% of these failures could have been foreseen and averted.

At MGC, we are deeply concerned about solving the sales challenges and operational hitches of the client vis-a-vis providing series of marketing models that demystify such problems at the first attempt.
Our continuous collation of valuable market information enables calculated decision making, establishment of competitive edge in a complex sales environment and development of successful marketing strategy for all our clients.