Market trends are never stable and always evolving basically because there is really no monopoly of products and services, in other words the competition between contemporary organizations is regularly stiff and achieving sustainable business growth is usually very challenging but necessary. Therefore every company needs an Advance Business Development Strategy (ABDS) that is in line with the current market trends which is continuously monitored and workable with available resources to be able to stay in business.

MGC offer this unique model (ABDS) that is constantly fine-tuned to each customer’s objectives, budget, desires, dreams, and most essentially needs. The achievement of this model is usually done in collaboration with our client’s senior management personnel in order to include all the company’s aspirations.

Our ABDS model concentrates amongst other things on:
• Identifying business objectives
• Financially quantifying business objectives
• Plan of achieving business objectives
• Itemize target market segments
• Developing market penetration tactics
• Finding competitive edge in the client’s field
• Determine the appropriate personnel for delivery of business development strategy
• Pinpoint and proffering solutions to business constraints
• Establishing feedback channel for constant management reviews
• Presentation of general recommendations for constant business growth

All MGC consultants have vast experience of developing and implementing the ABDS model for various SMEs and fully understand the practical trade-off involved.