Proposal Management

When starting a business a proposal document is needed and it’s often the first tangible document the entrepreneur prepares to show that the challenges of the business is perfectly understood and effective solutions can be provided by the client in question.

The content of business proposals are sometimes used to pitch for funds from financial institutions and angel investors who are not easily convinced about the feasibility of most businesses brought before them and the competence of the entrepreneur proposing the business. This document is supposed to present a scenario where both the buyers and sellers get what they want i.e “a win-win situation” for all parties involved.

Due to the dynamic nature of most markets, many are the unforeseen encounters most businesses go through. However with the help of an experienced business developer, most of these challenges would have been identified and anticipated solution would have been proffered.

At MGC, we understand that the complexity of proposal management and the different types of proposal we write are easy to read and assimilate; the style, design and format are usually impeccable. They range from:

1. Formal Proposals
 Request for Proposal
 Request for Information

2. Unsolicited Proposals
We work with the client to develop proposal that guarantee results in terms of funding and provide a blue print for managing the client’s organization in the future. Our proposal management tactics are designed to achieve amongst other things:
• Detecting the client’s area of business strength and creating an appropriate bid strategy
• Identifying the unique selling points (U.S.P.) of the client’s products or services
• Providing necessary support during the bid process and educating the pitch team on high quality presentation
• Providing potential investor and customer’s perspective as a guarantee that the proposed business is full proof.

MGC has handled several proposals for new and existing companies and we understand that the capacity of organizations differs but the principles adopted for implementation should remain the same and also tailored to suit the proposal value & size of the business.

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